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  • Enjoy Happier, Collaborative Clients – Stress-Free Price Guides Before QS Reports & Detailed Designs
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ProCalc provides us with a user friendly, essential platform that gives our clients confidence to embrace their design and move into contract documentation and the construction stages.

Rebecca Naughtin Architects

No More Budget Shocks
Happier Clients Who Refer
Reduced Design Time
Stress Free @Your Desktop

Do You Struggle With:

  • Concept Budget Uncertainty
  • Budget Shocks From QS’ & Builders
  • Surprised or Hesitant Clients
  • Too Many Re-Designs
  • Working Long Hours
  • Confidence in Your Early Concepts


ProCalc is an industry driven estimator that provides me, and my clients, with feedback on likely construction cost from very early in the design process.

This helps clients make informed decisions about scope in relation to their budget, throughout the development of the project;  making the project a much more relaxed and confident experience for us both.

Ingrid Hornung, Designs For You

“Using ProCalc is a no-brainer.

I’ve easily gotten value for my annual membership fee in the space of my free trial period!”

Audrey Whisker, 

Whisker Architecture

“By implementing Procalc, we’re able to manage client expectations & prompt, realistic decision-making relative to scope.

ProCalc helps maintain project momentum because it’s fast and empowers our clients to make informed project choices.”

Emma Young, PHOOEY Architects

“PROCALC is a very user friendly tool that provides a fast response.   

Using the PROCALC during the early concept stage will save us at least 30-40 hours of time typically spent on modifying designs after the tender stage.

JD, Jepaso Design

Demonstration & Case Studies

Demonstration Video
Cathy Harvey
Lofte Architects
Gillianne Griffiths
Studio Griffiths
Simon Castle
Aaron Neighbour & Ton Vu
Atlas Architects
Matthew Duignan
Mesh Design + Projects

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ProCalc’s Guarantee

We guarantee the most up-to-date residential construction pricing available. Our algorithm is reviewed & updated weekly drawing directly from actual builders tenders.


How Does ProCalc Stay Accurate & Up To Date?
ProCalc's algorithm is based on Australian builders’ costing methods & materials costs. To calibrate with the market place, it’s been tested against hundreds of projects that architects and designers have tendered to real competitive builders’ tenders. We continue to test and calibrate against real projects from real builders tenders on a weekly basis to ensure ProCalc stays in touch with market trends. Additionally, we obtain regular market data reports from architects, designers, builders, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Housing Industry Association.
Why are Most of ProCalc’s Subscriptions Unlimited Use Only?
Architects & Designers using ProCalc estimate each project several times from their initial mud-map, to through their final concept. They want to understand the budget impacts with each concept iteration. Clients tell us single estimates are a poor substitute for an evolving understanding of budget throughout the design. To test whether this approach will benefit your practice, you can take the ProCalc free trial with unlimited use.
Does ProCalc Cater for Different States and Postcodes?
Yes. We're constantly improving the algorithm to give you the most accurate results.
How ‘Forward-Looking’ are the Numbers?
ProCalc's price guide estimates costs of your concept if it were built today. We don't estimate more than 30 days in advance given the builders experience so much volatility.
My estimate seems a bit high (or low). How can I check it?
In the first instance, please check each of the variables and selections you keyed into the form against your design. If you can’t identify anything that needs changing, please contact and we’ll do a 1-on-1 zoom call the step through your design. In 93{2c3463f93726d78818b5d0a360a781067f9f9c4f5f4fb0cb6bd9d2f98bc13277} of cases, estimates are accurate within the ProCalc range. So, let us know if you think you’re one of the 7{2c3463f93726d78818b5d0a360a781067f9f9c4f5f4fb0cb6bd9d2f98bc13277} – we’re happy to help.

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May 2023 Construction Trend Update

  • Architects & Designers Future Demand:
    • 18% forecast growth (7% decrease)
    • 34% foresee constant (1% decrease)
    • 48% foresee contraction (8% increase)
  • Hence, architects/designers projects contraction continues
  • Those with growth appear to have systematised marketing in place
  • Sector still represents opportunity for custom builders (compared to volume build)
  • Key takeouts:
    • Home builders should be marketing heavily for projects 6 months ahead
    • Architects/Designers should be marketing heavily for projects 6-12 months ahead
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